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How Much Homeowner’s Insurance Do I Need?

How much homeowner's insurance do I need? Unsure about how much homeowners insurance you need? If disaster strikes, are you prepared to rebuild your home? What about your belongings? Before you commit to a homeowner's insurance policy, think about these questions to help you figure out the right amount of coverage for your home. Your Home’s Structure Imagine that a...Read More
summer water safety

Best Summer Water Safety Tips 2020

Pool days are a summer staple, especially this year. Laying out by the water is a pleasure we only get indulge in during the warm months. But even though swimming season can be short, it’s important to stay vigilant and safe. Drowning and other injuries are common and devastating. Fortunately, there are steps you can take in order to improve...Read More
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Expensive Homes & CT Home Insurance

Connecticut is dotted with beautiful homes, sweeping green lawns, and views of the water. Although homes in CT are gorgeous, they are also notoriously expensive. CT ranks among the most expensive states to live in year after year. Call us at 413.475.7283 to chat more about your CT home insurance! Complete our online quote form today As you browse for homes,...Read More