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summer car care

Easy Summer Car Care Tips!

Long sunny days and trips to the beach are hallmarks of summer. Taking care of your car in summer is important so that you can enjoy these moments without interruption. The last thing you want to think about as you trek off is the state of your car. These summer car care tips can help you make sure your car... Read More
summer insurance review

Review Your Insurance This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to review your insurance. From fun days out on the boat, spending family time BBQing, and road trips, there are plenty of opportunities to review your coverages. Life happens, and that’s the best reason to look over your current coverage and think about any upcoming changes.   Summer Grilling Before you break out the... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Emily Souza

We are people just like you, and we value providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are properly covered. At Encharter Insurance, we come to work each day committed to help each of our customers protect against the unexpected. Find out why Emily Souza loves working here and what makes her come to work every day!... Read More
insurance jet ski

Insurance Coverage For Your Jet Ski

Jet skis and other summer toys can be the highlight of summer. Riding around on your local lake or in the sea is something to look forward to. Before you hop on and start riding, make sure you have coverage in case an accident happens. You never know what you might face, and insurance can help if something doesn’t go... Read More
flood insurance exclusion

What Does Flood Insurance Not Include?

Having flood insurance is a great way to help protect your home and your belongings. Although this is a popular type of coverage, it may not be apparent as to what is typically not covered. Knowing the exclusions of of your policy can help you prepare for future incidents.  These are some popular flood insurance exclusions.   Damage from Moisture... Read More
sharing road with cyclists

Sharing the Road With Cyclists

Biking around town is a great family activity, but it can be dangerous if others are not sharing the road. According to the NHSTA in 2017, 783 cyclists were killed in traffic crashes. Being informed about bicycle safety and the rules of the road can prevent accidents before they happened. Regardless whether you are on a bike or driving in... Read More
save on flood insurance

Why You Shouldn’t Drop Your Flood Insurance

One place people often cut costs is with their insurance. Pinching pennies now may seem like a good idea, but it can become detrimental when you are caught in an incident without coverage. Having flood insurance may seem redundant, but reconsider drop your flood insurance when you are looking to save money. Why Do I Need it Anyway? You may... Read More
picking insurance company

How to Pick an Insurance Company

With so many insurance companies out there, picking just one can be a daunting task. Each insurance company will offer different policies. Getting auto or home insurance from one insurer can be vastly different than another. It’s important to do some research before committing to an insurance policy. Here are some tips for your insurance search. Region You Live Consider... Read More
Home safety gadgets

Home Gadets to Protect Your Home

Owning a home can come with lots of unexpected surprises. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over 98% of insurance claims are a result of property damage.  But nowadays, we can try to curb some of these incidents before they occur. Here are some handy home gadgets that might be able to make your life a bit more hassle-free! Smart... Read More