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My Wedding Gifts Were Stolen…Now What?

Most engaged couples set up a registry, which allows their loved ones to buy them gifts to celebrate their wedding. Chances are you would probably know and trust most of the guests at your wedding, but wouldn’t it be horrible to find out your precious gifts had been damaged or stolen? If this were to happen, turns out your home... Read More

Think About Insurance While Wedding Planning

The second you get engaged, relatives and friends inevitably start asking “Did you set a date?” If you will be waiting a bit before getting married, good luck with fielding that question for years, but if you decide to start planning right away you may find yourself dealing with even more stress. This is one of the most exciting experiences... Read More

New Drivers, Their Issues, & Car Insurance

Whether you like it or not, it’s time for your son or daughter to get behind the wheel.  While you may have been dreading this day, they’ve definitely been counting down the minutes until they’re finally licensed.  There are some benefits to your teenager finally being able to drive – for instance not having to bring them everywhere, as though you... Read More