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Alcohol at Your Company Holiday Party


Having an office holiday party is a fun way to end the year. Celebrating with coworkers and family members is a great way to show your employees that you care about them. Ensuring a safe and fun holiday party shouldn’t be a hassle. If you are concerned about the safety and logistics of hosting a holiday party, don’t fret. Here are some quick tips to help your company holiday party run smoothly.


Liquor Liability

Having alcohol at an event is always a risk. There could be a chance that someone drinks too much or that shenanigans ensue because of overconsumption. While the venue or bartender will usually have liquor liability coverage, it’s a good idea to double check.


Have Alternative Means of Transportation

You should never allow your employees to drink and drive. Not only is it illegal, it’s extremely dangerous. If someone at your holiday party is intoxicated, make sure they have alternative means to get home. This could be a taxi, ride share service, or designated driver to get them home. You could also call one of their friends or family members to pick them up. Even buzzed driving is drunk driving.


Serve Food

If you decide to serve alcohol at your office party, consider serving food as well. Having food will help slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood. Even having appetizers available might be helpful.


Go Over Expectations

It might be a good idea to communicate to your employees what the expected behaviors should be. This may be a good reminder or opportunity to remind your employees of the office etiquette as well. Sending out emails or using your next HR meeting to get your message to your employees.


Set a Good Example

As a business owner, you can set a good example for your employees during your holiday party. It’s important as a leader to show your employees expected behavior. While holiday parties are a good time to be more carefree and fun, you can do so without causing trouble.



Before your holiday party, call up your insurance agent to make sure that your business is ready for this festive event. You can ask about your general business liability coverage and how that will work for a company party. You can also inquire about Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) policy which covers discrimination, harassment, and other workplace issues that may arise. It’s always better to be prepared for these events before they occur. Otherwise, you could have a huge lawsuit on your hands without any protection! If you are ever concerned about the liabilities associated with your holiday party, just ask your insurance agent. They can help you figure out what coverages you may need to help protect your business. While most events will go on without any problems, it’s better to be prepared. Your agent is there to help you, and it never hurts to ask questions!


Happy holidays!

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