An Animal Broke Into My Hotel Room…Now What?

April is a popular month for vacation. College kids have their spring break, younger children have their April vacation, and the rest of us are just itching to get away. While the weather has been a little bit nicer in Connecticut, but we still aren’t experiencing anywhere near summer temperatures so a vacation is extremely important. What would be your dream vacation? I always see those photos on Pinterest or Facebook of those little tiki huts right above the water. The idea of sleeping so close to the water and whatever tropical environment it may be seems like a dream.

animal damage home insuranceWhile the morning view would be incredible, places like that tend to be very open. What if an animal sneaks in while you are out on one of your vacation adventures? You will be happy to know that your Connecticut home insurance would help cover the damage or potentially ruining altogether of your belongings thanks to your personal possessions coverage. The damage to the room would depend on who was deemed liable, if it’s you your home insurance coverage could help cover costs. If it’s the hotel, their insurance would have to pay for the damage.

The above story seems far-fetched, but you never know what vacation will bring! It’s also something to consider as the weather gets warmer back at home. As you open windows and doors you are opening up your home to more than just fresh air. In the event that your home suffers damage from a wild animal breaking in you your Connecticut homeowners insurance offers coverage. However, home insurance coverage and animal damage does have its limits. It does exclude birds, vermin, rodents, and insects and of course damage from domestic animals isn’t covered.

If you are heading off on a vacation, there are some insurance concerns and we understand that. Check out our Insurance Guide to Travel blog here. Sometimes the decision of whether or not to purchase travel insurance or car insurance can be difficult, our agents and service staff can help you out. Give them a call at 888.865.1244 before your trip and they can walk you through your coverage and coverage options.

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