Animals Damaged My Vehicle…Now What?

Squirrel.jpgYou go to your car and you find damage that appears to be from vandalism, only to later discover that the cause of the damage is from a squirrel or other animal. Now what? Whether it’s squirrels chewing your vehicle or chipmunks sneaking in your open window and causing damage to your interior, it can happen. It sounds silly to be talking about small critters like this “vandalizing” your car exterior or interior, but what would you do? When you
are setting up your New Jersey car insurance policy you may ask questions about the coverage for accidents, glass damage, and things like that, but what about this kind of damage?

A great insurance policy will help cover you even in odd situations like these ones. If you just so happen to find yourself calling your agent about animal damage to your vehicle, asking “Now what?” hopefully you have the right coverage. In an event like this, comprehensive coverage can help keep you protected from damage that occurs to your vehicle not resulting from a collision. Check with your agent and ask about what exactly falls under
comprehensive and see what kind of limits you have on your policy. If you are going based on the required amount by your state, you may find yourself riding around with squirrel damage, but if you get some advice from our agents they can give you their opinion on coverage limits. If you want to get a quote for a new car insurance policy with us or want to check up on the coverage on your current policy, give our agents a call today at 888.865.1244!

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