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Bad Car Habits to Break This Winter

With each turn of the season, car maintenance becomes a bit more rugged. Cold weather conditions can be stressful on your car. Don’t exacerbate wear and tear by sticking to bad car maintenance habits. This fall and winter, be aware and break these bad car habits!

Using the Wrong Tires

If you live in an snowy area, then it’s especially important to make sure that your tires are suitable for wintery terrain. Switch out of your summer tires to your winter ones. They offer better traction in poor driving conditions. If your tires have seen better days, then upgrade to a new set to help keep you safe on the road.

Not Washing Your Car

It can be tempting to forgo a car wash when the weather is bad. However, the buildup of grime on your car could oxidize and create rust. Get rid of that snow, salt, dirt, and other debris from your car before it causes some real damage.

Don’t Let the Gas Tank Go Empty

Winter is an unpredictable time. Don’t risk getting caught on the side of the road during the fall and winter months. Additionally, if the gas level gets too low, then the moisture could freeze and crystalize, causing damage to your car’s gas line. Having a full tank means less moisture-related damage.

Slamming On Your Brakes

If it’s slippery on the road, avoid slamming on your brakes. Doing so could cause you to spin out. Instead, if you feel your car starting to slide, remain calm and turn your wheel in the direction you are sliding. Driving slowly and with caution can help you avoid these situations. As the weather gets worse, try to avoid driving in inclement weather if possible.

Letting Your Car Warm Up for Too Long

Sitting in an ice cold car is not a fun way to start the day. If you choose to warm your car up before you depart, don’t let it sit there for too long. Most cars are not designed to be left idle for a long period of time. Letting your car sit there can create buildup on the spark plugs and cause them to become less efficient. It also wastes gas!

Pouring Hot Water on Your Windshield

If you are in a rush in the morning, it could be tempting to throw some hot water on the windshield to speed up the thawing process. However, doing so could crack your windshield! Instead, stick with the traditional ice scraper to get the job done.

Driving with Snow On Your Car Roof

Before speeding away with a mountain of snow on the roof of your car, clean it off! As the snow falls off of your car it could be a hazard to other drivers and pedestrians.

Not Reviewing Your Auto Insurance

Driving in the winter has its own set of challenges. Make sure that your are ready to face them! Review your insurance so you can be prepared for whatever happens on the road. Talk to your insurance agent about your coverage. Perhaps you want to add on roadside assistance. Or maybe you are thinking about getting collision coverage. Whatever it is, work with your agent to help protect you as the cold weather approaches!

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