Become a Partner of Encharter to get FREE Web Advertising!

So you’re a business owner.You know that getting your name out there and letting people know you exist is a big part of your success. After all, you can’t expect your current and prospective clients to just know what it is that you have to offer them—even merchants in the 17th century knew that with their pictograms on wooden signs.But the problem for the modern business owner is that advertising and promotion is expensive; much more so than paint on a piece of wood to hang.And now, many clients do their shopping online, which makes reaching the modern consumer even more difficult and even more costly.But what would you say if someone were to say to you that they could increase your advertising success and search engine optimization…oh, and at NO COST TO YOU??

Encharter Insurance has started what we call the “Partners of Encharter” program.Being a group of independent agents that operates in our respective local communities, we understand interdependence—if we help each other out, we can all benefit. At Encharter, we are growing and continue to grow, and we want some businesses that can come alongside us so that we can share in our mutual success together.Here’s how it works: you make an offer or a promotion for your business and we’ll advertise it to our 15,000 clients.That’s it! To become a Partner of Encharter, visit our “Partners of Encharter” page and supply the following information in an email: your logo, what incentive or discount you would like to offer to Encharter Insurance customers, and your contact information (along with the contact information of the people who manage your website). And we’d really appreciate it if you placed a link on your webpage to our site; we’ll send you the information you would need.

Since we no longer live in the Elizabethan times of Shakespeare, the days of pictures on signs are long gone.If you want a way to reach the modern consumer on the World Wide Web for FREE, become a Partner of Encharter today!And don’t forget that we can provide for all of your commercial insurance needs too with coverage for general liability, coverage for workers compensation, coverage for commercial auto, and so much more!Call an Encharter agent at 888-865-1244 today! Or you can visit our virtual insurance office at

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