Becoming “Inbound Sexy”

While attending the HubSpot Inbound13 conference, my favorite quote from all the speakers was, “Screw sexy. Be helpful.” Of course, being in the insurance industry, this seemed like advice the eMarketing team at Encharter could get on board with! But how do you become “Inbound Sexy,” regardless of the industry you are in? According to a seminar by Jeff Coons, you need four things: Signals, Exposure, X-Factor, and “Why” (a.k.a. “Y”).

A signal is defining the “signals of success” for your industry. For example, you can show off your company’s certifications, honors, or awards. You could also demonstrate case studies or industry reports. Or perhaps you could gain media coverage or get yourself in a trade publication. The bottom line is that you want to show what your company has got!

When thinking about exposure, you know you’ll want to figure out what you can do to increase your brand’s awareness. If you are not blogging, you should be! Consider setting up a business page on Facebook. If you’re already on Facebook, consider branching out to other networks. To inform prospects and clients, host webinars on different aspects of your business or industry. Press releases and paid media are other ways to get in front of your audience. And finally, partner up with related industries for co-sponsorship opportunities.

Your X-factor is how you are different, or how you will be memorable. Find ways to showcase your personality. Be creative! Don’t be afraid to tell stories that tie back to your business or industry. While your particular industry may be boring, the people who work in it certainly are not! Feature them as part of your X-factor.

For the “Y,” ask yourself this question: Why should anyone care about your service? People want to know what is in it for them. Your clients and prospects have a problem. It is your job to solve it.

So now that we’ve considered what it takes to be Inbound Sexy, here are your action steps:

  • Showcase the talent within your own walls.
  • Clearly define your company image/brand.
  • Increase awareness through content marketing.

Even if you’re not in a “sexy industry,” solving problems is attractive! Take a look at how Encharter showcases their personality on Facebook, and stay tuned for more information from the HubSpot conference!

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