Best Business Insurance Blogs of 2014

Business insurance can be tricky, even for those business owners who have been navigating it year after year for their company. Maybe this is why business insurance requires an even closer bond with an agent. You need an expert there to help you out and we get it. Our blogs are here to try to help you become and expert too. We want you to still give us a call, but we also understand as a smart business owner you’d like to be armed with a little more knowledge for those calls to your agent.

Let’s move our way through some of the Best Business Insurance Blogs of 2014!

business insurance for fairs


Festivals, fairs, and parties, oh my! We thought what better way to kick off fall then to talk about the insurance needs you may have with all of the great things businesses get to take part in. As Massachusetts and Connecticut residents, we know fall is our last chance to enjoy the weather and spend some time outside.


Sometimes, especially as the business owner, you want to take a break and have a little fun with your coworkers. A company field day is something many businesses do, but those businesses may not all think about the liability of doing it. It’s important to consider the coverage your business insurance policy holds and if you may need more before hosting an event like this.


liability insurance businessHow much of your business is online? Okay, now what about just on your computer? Are we at almost all of your business yet? Any business that has personal information for their clients or prospective clients should have cyber liability coverage. As we have all learned through the many leaks with huge corporations, it can take so long to recover from such a terrible thing. Help protect your business with cyber liability coverage.



Business trips can be exciting, although I think we can all agree they are more exhausting than anything else. How does traveling for work, whether it’s frequently or once a year, affect your business insurance needs? I think you can guess by now who brought you the answer to that question in 2014.


workers comp insuranceIt happens to the best of small business owners, literally. You start as a small store or restaurant and the next thing you know you have double the employees, inventory, and do we even have to mention customers? As your small business grows, make sure your small business insurance is growing as well.



What is in your business insurance portfolio? It’s easy to keep the same insurance every year for your business. I think most of us are guilty of doing the same for our personal insurance. Before just sticking with what you had last year, think about your policies and coverages. Be honest about where more coverage may be needed and consider changes that have happened that may even require less coverage.


Let’s end this wrap up the same way we began it: talking about the important of your business insurance agent. All of the above is helpful and filled with a guide and some suggestions, but what’s best for your business is up to you (and your helpful agent) to decide. Questions about any of the above or anything about your business as you head into the New Year? Call us at 888.865.1244.

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