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Best Summer Water Safety Tips 2020

Pool days are a summer staple, especially this year. Laying out by the water is a pleasure we only get indulge in during the warm months. But even though swimming season can be short, it’s important to stay vigilant and safe. Drowning and other injuries are common and devastating. Fortunately, there are steps you can take in order to improve safety around water. Here are our tips to help keep you and your family safe around water this summer!

Put a fence around your pool

Putting a fence with a self-latching gate is an easy way to prevent someone from accidentally falling in. It will also help keep your pet safe if they are wandering around outside. Make sure that the fence is at least four feet tall. When the pool is not in use, make sure to cover it. You may even want to install an alarm to notify you if someone is in the pool when they should not be.

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Always Supervise Children

If there are children around water, keep a close eye on them. Never allow them to swim alone. You should also try to stay nearby in case you need to react to a situation. The same applies for pets, if you have them. If your children are young or are not strong swimmers, have them wear a life vest.

Enroll Children in Swimming Classes

Before you let your children swim, put them in a swimming class. This will help to prevent accidentally drowning. Swimming is a skill that needs to be learned. If any adults in your family do not know how to swim, consider enrolling them in classes too.

Make sure drain covers are compliant

Having compliant drain covers on pools helps prevent swimmers from getting stuck in the drain’s suction. Wherever your family swims, make sure that there are drain covers on all the drains.

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Learn CPR

If you do not already know CPR, take a course and get certified. If an accident happens and someone stops breathing, CPR can help save a life. Especially with young children, it’s important to be prepared, just in case.

Boating Safety

If you are planning on doing some boating, there are some guidelines you should follow to help protect everyone. For further details about how to stay safe on a boat, check out this handy article. But, first and foremost, make sure that everyone on the boat is wearing a life vest.

This summer season, don’t let a related accident put a damper on the fun. Taking precautions around water is an easy way to prevent accidents before they happen. If you decide to get a pool at your house, let your insurance agent know. A pool could affect your insurance rates. And failing to report a new pool could have serious consequences. If something did happen, you want to make sure that your homeowners insurance is prepared to help protect you. We always hope that we don’t need insurance, but you can’t predict accidents. Having homeowners insurance is just a safety net. Have fun in the water this summer!

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