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Top 6 Boating Accidents + How to Prevent Them

Racing around the lake, tubing, rope swings, and jumping off rocks are all fun summer activities. While boating may be popular, it does have some insurance liabilities and can sometimes be dangerous. By knowing the common accidents that can happen with boats, you can take measures to help prevent them. Don’t let an accident ruin your summer fun. These are some of the most common boating accidents and how you can help prevent them from happening in the first place.


  1. Your Boat Hits Another Boat
    Or the other way around. If you find yourself in a boat-on-boat accident, first you’ll want to make sure that everyone is okay. Once that’s sorted out, there could be some lawsuits coming your way.
  2. Your Boat hits Another Boat’s Wake
    The water isn’t always smooth, and when another boat’s wake comes into your path, navigating the waters may not be easy.
  3. Capsizing or Falling Overboard
    For whatever reason, if you or your passengers find themselves in the water, you’ll want to get help as quickly as possible.
  4. Running Out of Gas or Equipment Failure
    If you run out of gas or experience equipment failure, you may find yourself stuck in the water without means of getting to shore by yourself.
  5. Hitting Rocks, or Other Objects
    If you aren’t paying attention, you may accidentally run into something that you shouldn’t. It could cause damage to your boat.
  6. Failure to Have the Proper Equipment
    If you are boating without the required equipment or safety devices, you could be in for a bit of legal trouble.



Take measures to prevent boating accidents. The more you do to prepare, the safer you will be during your boating excursions. These are some easy things you can do to help keep you, your boat, and others safe on the water.


  1. Never Drink and Drive
    This doesn’t just pertain to driving a car. Driving a boat under the influence is extraordinarily dangerous. Boating under the influence can increase the chances of an accident by 34% (according to the US Coast Guard). Accidents involving alcohol are completely preventable, and there is no reason to ever be drinking and driving a boat. The driver should always be sober.
  2. Wear Life Jackets
    When cause of death was known 76% of boating fatalities were due to drowning. Always wear a life jacket, regardless of your swimming capabilities. It could save a life. Children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket.
  3. Get Proper Training to Operate a Water Vehicle
    Many boating accidents occur because the driver was not experienced or lacked the proper training to operate a boat. Make sure that you have a boating license and it’s a good idea to brush up on those skills. Consider taking a boating safety course to refresh your memory.
  4. Prep Your Boat
    Before heading out onto the water, make sure to prep your boat. If it’s your first ride of the season, you should dewinterize your boat. Take it in for an inspection and make sure it’s seaworthy. Fill up on gas, and make sure all your instruments are working properly.
  5. Double Check Safety Equipment
    Do you have enough life jackets for your passengers? Check to make sure all your boat’s lights are in working order. Test out the horn and anchor as well.
  6. Avoid Speeding
    Just like a car, speeding in a boat can be dangerous. Make sure to follow all rules of the water and go the suggested speed.
  7. Check the Weather
    Before departing, check the weather.   If it looks stormy or extremely windy, it’s probably best to postpone your trip. Rough and choppy water could lead to a boating accident. You don’t want to risk running into bad weather.
  8. Don’t Overload the Boat
    Don’t try to squeeze on as many people as you can. Boats are designed to hold a specific amount of people and weight. It could become a liability if you try to pack on extra people.


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in a boating accident. A boat insurance policy can help protect your in case of accidents. The best way to know the amount of coverage you need is to call your insurance agent. They can help you determine the coverage best suited for your boating needs. Each individual situation is unique, so discussing your needs is the best way to get enough coverage.


You can discuss any questions, concerns, or inquiries with an Encharter agent! We can help you get the boat coverage you need! Reach us at 888.754.8299.


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