While your basic small business insurance policy protects your business at a high end, it’s important to look into specific policies to cover integral parts of your business. If you use company vehicles for business in Connecticut, you may need a commercial auto insurance policy to ensure that your drivers, your business, and your vehicles are fully protected. Even occasional business-use by the business owner or any staff members is cause for a policy under the business’ name. While your workers compensation insurance policy may protect your employees with medical coverage and lost wages, it may not have enough liability coverage to protect you and your business.

How do you know if you need a business auto policy? Ask yourself these two important questions:

  • Do you have signage or lettering on your vehicle?
  • Does your vehicle exceed the personal gross weight limits?

If the answer to these questions was no, you may still want to consider a commercial auto policy. Follow up by asking yourself:

  • Is the vehicle in the business’ name?
  • Do you use the vehicle for occasional business-use?
  • Do business employees use the vehicle for business-use?

Your agent can walk you through these questions to decide whether or not a commercial policy is right for you, and what coverage is best for your business, vehicle(s), and driving habits. It’s important to distinguish the type of policy your vehicles need before an accident occurs, and you are found liable.

A commercial auto policy has similar components as your personal policy. The typical CT coverage includes:

  • Collision – Coverage for your vehicle(s) for damage to your vehicle as a result of the collision with another car or object.
  • Comprehensive – Coverage for your vehicle(s) for damage caused by incidents other than a collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, windshield and striking an animal.
  • Medical – You and listed drivers have coverage for medical payments should an accident occur.
  • Liability – Protection for injuries, property damage and other legal issues should an accident occur while operating one of your vehicles.

For additional liability, talk with your agent about an umbrella insurance policy for your business. Not only will you better protect your vehicular liability, but you are insured should accidents occur in other areas of your business.

In order to get the most accurate quote, be sure to have the following information on hand when talking to your agent:

  • Federal ID number, entity type & description of your business
  • Year, make & model of the vehicle(s)
  • Vehicle ID numbers
  • Driver list, including names, birthdates, license numbers & state of issuance
  • How and where the vehicles are used

Regardless of whether you’ve owned a small business in Connecticut for years or if you’ve just recently opened your doors, use these fun facts as ice breakers for your customers:

  • The most remote area in the state is Mount Bradford in Canaan.
  • All of the steel products in the state are made from at least 25 percent recycled steel.
  • In the Stafford textile mills, some of the world’s most famous cloth is woven.
  • Wallingford is recognized worldwide for its production of silverware.

While your commercial lines insurance agent is working on a comprehensive quote for you, be sure to ask about potential discounts, such as going paperless, that could help you save. At Encharter, we want to ensure that your business has the proper coverage at an affordable rate.

Give our agents a call at 888.754.8299 or use the online form above for a quote to help you decide on the right commercial auto insurance coverage in CT.

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