It is important for you and your Massachusetts business that every element is protected with the right insurance coverage. This includes your business vehicles. If you have vehicles you use for your company in Massachusetts, it is crucial that you insure those same vehicles with commercial auto insurance. Having auto coverage for your business vehicles can help insure the safety of you, your business, and your employees. If staff members are even occasionally driving vehicles, you will need to make sure you have commercial auto insurance under your company’s name.

It can be confusing as a small business owner to know whether or not you need a business auto policy or not. Many wonder why personal auto insurance wouldn’t be enough. When making the decision, two questions that may help are:

  • Does your vehicle weigh more than the personal gross weight limits?
  • Do you have signage or letting on your car?

If the answer to the above questions was no, you may still want to consider a commercial auto insurance policy. Follow up by asking yourself:

  • Do you use the vehicle for business use, even occasionally?
  • Do business employees drive the vehicle for business use?
  • Is the vehicle under your business’ name?

Once you have established your need for commercial auto insurance, our agents can walk you through the rest. They can help you decide the right limits and coverage for your business vehicle(s). They can design an MA commercial auto insurance policy to fit your needs after gathering a better understanding of your business, your vehicle, and your driving habits. The perfect policy can help you from becoming liable for incidents that occur with your work vehicle. If an accident does occur, and your employee is injured, workers compensation insurance is essential to protecting them from further damage, such as medical expenses and lost wages. This does not protect work vehicles however, so be sure to talk to an agent about coverage for all your business needs.

One may find when purchasing commercial auto insurance that it has a lot of similarities with their personal auto insurance. Several of the coverages that you have with your personal auto insurance policy will also be available, and sometimes necessary, for your business auto insurance.  A typical commercial car insurance policy will include:

  • Liability—insures injuries to others and property damage that is caused while operating your vehicle.
  • Medical—under an insured vehicle, these costs would be covered for drivers and occupants.
  • Collision—Coverage for your vehicle(s) for damage to your vehicle as a result of the collision with another car or object.
  • Comprehensive—protects you and your vehicle from damage caused by anything other than a collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, windshield and striking an animal.

If you find yourself needing more liability, ask our agents about a general liability insurance policy for your company. It can provide you and your business with an extra layer of protection. It can help give you added liability in the case of a more serious and costly accident and give you protection for other areas of your business as well. Depending on your business, this may be a highly recommended policy.

No matter whether you have just moved to Massachusetts to start your business or you have lived here your whole life, check out these fun facts you probably didn’t know about this state.

  • I-90 is the longest roadway in the United States.
  • Northeastern is home to the oldest hockey arena in the world, Matthews Arena.
  • When digging for the Big Dig, archeologists came across Native American artifacts and also relics of the first Tavern in America.
  • There is a state law that forbids snoring unless the person has their doors and windows closed. This may be a law some of us wish was enforced more.

Having the right coverage is essential to your business. Talk with our agents about coverage options for all areas of your business. Saving money is also important as a business owner and our agents are also here to help with that. Ask them about potential discounts, such as going paperless, with your MA commercial auto insurance policy.

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