Think of all the time, energy and money you have put into your small business to help it grow and succeed. While your basic Massachusetts business insurance gives you liability coverage, it may not be enough. Depending on what products and services your business offers, you may be even more liable for incidents on your property or resulting from your product.

In the event that an incident does take place, having general liability insurance for your Massachusetts small business can help insure your business and business possessions won’t be at risk. Unfortunately, no matter what sector your business falls under, there is always a risk for lawsuits. Having general liability insurance can help cover some legal and financial hits your company may take in the event of an unexpected accident.

Commercial property insurance can protect you from paying out of pocket for damages that may happen to or as a result of your business. Protect your business and your business assets with an umbrella policy that can provide protection for all other needs your business may have. Beyond that, having an excess liability insurance policy can help cover any larger scales accidents that could otherwise cost you your business. Any gaps in your business insurance coverage can leave you and your business at risk.

A general liability insurance policy will include coverage for the following:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage

When would having general liability insurance come into play at your business? Below is a scenario that might take place where general liability insurance coverage can help:

  • One of your heavy, hanging signs may be secured, but what if it were to fall off of the wall or from the ceiling and land on a customer. Would you have enough liability to cover legal fees if they were to sue?

To get started on a quote, you will need:

  • Annual sales
  • Employee payroll
  • How many owner/operators are involved in the day to day operation of the business
  • Square footage that your business occupies

Chances are you’re an expert in your industry, but what about when it comes to your state? Did you know these fun facts about Massachusetts?

  • Hingham is home to the oldest church structure in the US that is still a place of worship, the First Parish Old Ship Church.
  • Brewster is frequently called the “Wedding Capital of Cape Cod” because it is home to so many inns that cater to weddings.
  • There is a wax museum in Plymouth, called the Pilgrim National Wax Museum that is dedicated entirely to telling the pilgrim’s story.

General liability insurance can offer you coverage over a wide range of scenarios with your business, but for your more specific needs make sure you have MA business auto insurance, commercial property insurance, and small business insurance.

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