Business Liability And Company Field Day

Warm weather puts a smile on people’s faces.  Soaking up the sun and enjoyig the rays is something that isn’t a year-long luxury in New England. This is the perfect time of year to treat your staff for a company event. Given the nice weather, a field day is a popular company activity.

Field days are fun, but there are liabilities that come with the event.  Commercial insurance with Encharter can help protect you, your business, and your employees during your company event.

What if someone were hurt…

At a work event, if someone were to get hurt on your company property, your business insurance coverage business liability insurancewould help protect you. Considering a field day is a work event, your employees’ workers’ comp insurance could also help cover them. However, depending on your insurance carrier and workers comp insurance, there could be variances in coverage.

Worried about an accident during a field day or other employee event? Give your commercial insurance agent a call and go through your coverage, as well as other potential scenarios.  They are there to answer any questions you may have.

Would you have enough coverage if an employee was hurt and they were to sue you? Even during a fun company event, accidents can still happen. Excess liability coverage is ideal to have in a situation like this. There are many costs associated with being a in a lawsuit and the expenses can add up.  Excess liability coverage can help protect you financially.

What if something were stolen…

If you are supplying the equipment for this field day with your own personal belongings, your homeowners insurance would most likely covers you if your equipment was lost or stolen. Sports equipment is far from cheap, so you would definitely want to make sure you have enough personal property coverage on your homeowners’ insurance policy.

business insuranceIf your employees are bringing their personal equipment to the company field day, then their own homeowners insurance would help cover any damage or loss to their equipment.

What if something happens to your business property…

Your field day events probably won’t involve fire or anything too dangerous. However, even in basic situations, accidents do occur.  There may be more people on your property than usual.  Having more people increases the chance an accident could happen.  If a fire or break in does occur during the craziness of the field day, then your business property insurance would give you the coverage you need.

What about off your property…

When a company event is taking place off of your property and someone gets hurt, liability may fall under the hosts’ liability insurance. In this situation, you will want to check with the venue and make sure they have the necessary insurance to host your company.

What about other events after the field day…liability for your business

If the employees are having fun decide to get together at one of their homes or another venue after the field day, it would no longer be considered a work event. If the employees went to a bar after and were drinking, you aren’t liable for the many accidents that could result from that.

Questions about your business insurance policy before hosting a field day or other event? Give our agents a call at 888.865.1244 and they would be happy to help you!

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