Fall Insurance

Is Your Business Ready for Fall?

Amidst back to school, changing leaves, and colder weather, getting your business ready for fall can be hectic. In this transitional time, it can be easy to overlook some cold weather preparations, but it’s important to get on it now rather than later. Your business, and your wallet, could be thanking you later! What preparations does your business need this fall season? Here are some easy preparations that can make a huge difference in the upcoming months:


Check Your Roof

If your business has a physical location, get your roof checked. You want to do this before winter hits. If there is any damage on your roof, get it repaired. It will be a lot easier to get that serviced now, rather than when it’s snowing, and you notice some leaks. You can also help prevent ice dam formation if you get your roof checked out now! Ice dams can cause damage to your property’s roof and be expensive to repair.


Get the Heating System Checked

You may not need the heaters quite yet, but getting them checked out now is essential for a smooth seasonal transition. The worst thing would be getting hit with some cold weather and then suddenly realizing your heating system is out of order!


Get the Company Cars Ready

If your business has a company vehicle, you should get it serviced before winter. Bring it to a professional to get it checked out. You should also consider getting winter tires for your company car. Driving on wet and icy conditions is much more dangerous so taking precautions reduces the chances of an accident.


Check Your Landscaping

Are there trees near your business’ building? Are they going to be a potential treat if it snows? Now is the time to take care of any landscaping hazards. If a snow storm takes down a tree, will fall down on your building? Will it take out power lines? Sort this out now before it negatively impacts your business.


Reevaluate Your Insurance Coverage

The fall is the perfect time to review your insurance coverage. Talk to your agent about any changes your business may have gone through. Have your expanded? Moved locations? There are various factors that can affect your insurance coverage. Take the time to go though your current policies and update them as needed. Perhaps you want to add on some flood insurance so when the snow melts, your business is protected from flooding. Or maybe you want some additional commercial auto insurance coverage because the roads are going to be icy soon. Whatever it may be, your insurance agent can help you reassess your business needs.


This fall, make sure your business is ready. Get ready for some colder weather ahead of us. Before the bad weather hits, prepare your business. It could save you a headache or two in the future. And, be sure to call your insurance agent to go over your coverage. They can help you figure out the best way to help protect your business. While it’s important to prepare for colder weather, sometimes accidents do happen. When they do, insurance is there to help financially!


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