How Does Inflation Affect Your Business Insurance Coverage and Premium?

Inflation impacts all our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Business insurance rates are expected to increase across most lines of coverage this year, with many sectors likely experiencing double-digit hikes. According to the Boston-based brokerage’s “State of the Market” report, no lines of coverage are expected to see rate decreases, and only a few lines, such as workers compensation... Read More

Homeowners and Auto Insurance Trends Expected for 2023

There are several, biggest factors impacting home and auto insurance to start 2023. The home insurance market is currently being challenged by three significant market conditions discussed below.  If you have any questions, contact our office at 413.475.7283 or Complete our online quote form today! Inflation Inflation wreaks havoc on all types of consumer goods and services and insurance is... Read More

Who does what when it comes to my insurance policy?

It can be challenging to understand what responsibilities for your insurance coverage belong to Encharter and when the insurance company steps in. To start with, Encharter is an independent Insurance agency. We offer products from over 50 insurance companies. The more companies we represent, the more likely you will get the best pricing and coverage options. Every company factors into... Read More
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Public Wi-Fi and Cyber Security

Cybercrime is an incredibly popular industry in which criminals seize lucrative opportunities to safely commit their crimes. In many cases, these criminals do not have to even live in the same country as the one where the crime they are committing is taking place. With so many places in our digital world where we are vulnerable to a cybercriminal's attacks,... Read More