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Content Discovery Platforms

You work hard to generate great, informative content for your site. While you promote it through email, your social channels, and the other basics, you may still not be getting the traffic to your site you had in mind. You may be doing all you can as a marketing team for your small business, but there are other options that... Read More

Tips for Blogging 201

You see blogging advice everywhere these days – your brand should be regularly contributing to a blog on your website. Not only does it help position your company as an industry expert, but the new and updated content being added to your site forces Google to regularly crawl and index your website pages. So what happens if you sit down... Read More

Picture Perfect Social Media Marketing

Social Media experts are always talking about the importance of images and your social media marketing. When images are included in Facebook posts, tweets, and more you are more likely to get interaction. That interaction makes your post more popular with your audience and more likely to be shared, bringing that post to an even bigger audience. Knowing that all... Read More

Welcome to 2014 – Importance of Google+

For a few years, you may have been hearing about how important Facebook and Twitter are to your business’ Internet Marketing strategy. Google+ is usually shoved to the backburner as we wait for the network to become as popular as other mainstream venues. Well fellow marketers, it looks like 2014 may be that year. I’ve read countless articles about how... Read More

Google Analytics Update Tips

Metrics mean everything to marketers! With all of the time and effort put into your site, social media, and advertising, it is important to know the results, right? Google Analytics is always up for the challenge of keeping you on top of things when it comes to metrics. If you use Google Analytics to make marketing decisions for your business,... Read More

Preparing for the Year Ahead

While I do like to live by some sort of schedule, I also enjoy some adventure and spontaneity. I attribute this need to my love for marketing as well. Marketing is ever changing, and there’s always something new to learn. But with new trends and new knowledge comes adaptation to your marketing plan. While it’s difficult to foresee exactly what... Read More

Head Scratching Social Media Stats

I recently came across a great infographic with “10 Surprising Social Media Stats” from Likeable Daily that may be helpful when figuring out your social media plan for next year. Continuously researching and learning about social networks is essential as you begin to come up with your marketing plan and budget. Hopefully, learning these will make it less likely you... Read More