My Child Broke My Expensive Vase…Now What?

My sons were playing football in the house and smashed my vase worth $10,000, can I file an insurance claim for the vase?

While your basic Connecticut home insurance and renter’s policies do give you coverage for personal property, breakage is not a covered peril. The best way to cover expensive items like antiques, fine arts, and delicate collectibles is to “schedule” them.

insurance for expensive itemsAn appraisal of the item written in the last three years or a detailed invoice for a recently purchased item is required by the insurance company. It is important to specify that you also want breakage coverage on the item.  The item (s) will be listed individually on the policy and become covered for “all risks” and not subject to your deductible. You will be charged an additional premium which is typically $15 to $20 per thousand of its value.

Most all insurance policies limit coverage per incident on items such as jewlery, fine arts, and silverware. There is insurance for high value items available you may own, you just need to ask your agent so that they can help adhere to your specialty insurance needs. Call your agent today and cover those specialty items on your CT home insurance or renters insurance.


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