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My Child Has Their Permit..Now What?

nj car insurance Turning 16 is an exciting time for your son or daughter. For you, it may also be a pretty stressful time. Once you have survived the practice hours in the passenger seat, it is time for your child to start the process of getting their license. Before that can happen, they get their permit. What happens when they get their permit when it comes to your car insurance? Before your child gets their license they cannot be added to your NJ insurance policy, but it is a good to get a jump start on things. Let your insurance company know before they get their driver’s license. You want to make sure your vehicle, your child, and you are covered at all times once they have their license.

Be prepared for your insurance rates to rise, even if they don’t have their own vehicle, whether they are a full time or occasional driver. As an occasional driver, you still want to make sure they have the coverage when they are behind the wheel. If they are getting their own car, the insurance may work a little differently. Your agent can help you work through the differences when you call to add your child.

When you call them, also ask about discounts! While all companies offer different discounts, see if yours offers a good student discount. For high school students and college students, some insurance companies will offer a discount if your child has good grades. Just another reason for your child to study up! If you have a child about to get their license, don’t worry if you have some questions when it comes to your New Jersey car insurance policy. Give our agents a call today at 888.865.1244. They can help you get everything in order so that when your child hits the road for the first time, you can have the peace of mind to know they will have the insurance coverage they need.

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