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My Child is Studying Abroad…Now What?

Is your child flying off to parts unknown? This might be a terrifying moment in your life to watch your child go off across the world for six months, but some preparation might ease your mind a little bit. The key is to start to take steps early in advance to make sure you cover everything along the way. Once you can address any possible dangers, both you and your son or daughter will feel much safer throughout the time they are away.

Study abroad insuranceThe first step is to see if your child is completely covered under your insurance and if it applies globally. See what the limits are in relation to how much they are bringing. Your CT homeowners insurance can  help with certain coverages during this time, like your personal contents coverage for your child’s belongings while they are traveling. This is an important area of your policy for a situation like this that not many people realize.

Also, check with the study abroad office or the program and check what additional coverages they offer. Some schools and programs may offer different options for special coverage given the unique circumstance. It’s not typical for people to live abroad for half a year, but you will want to know your son or daughter won’t have to worry about any insurance coverage while there. Check in to be sure that your world traveler will be covered for the entire duration of their trip.

Definitely give us a call to make sure that your child is properly covered. We are here to help so take advantage of any assistance that we can provide! It can be quite confusing so we can help to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage which could come back to hurt you. Visit us online at www.encharter.com for more helpful information on whatever life has in store for you.

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