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My Child is Being Sued for Cyber Bullying…Now What?

Kids these days. Remember when all you had to worry about with kids was them getting a detention or a little argument with their best friend? While the internet has brought about lots of great things, one of the negatives has been cyber bullying, especially among kids. If your son or daughter says something negative about someone else on their Facebook or Twitter it could end up going a lot further than that. What happens if the other child’s parents press charges? They could see some social media smack-talking as a lot more than that, something like libel, invasion of privacy, etc.

personal liability coverageThe good news is that you have coverage for personal injury to others, which would include this, under your Massachusetts home insurance policy’s personal injury protection coverage. Given how often kids are on social media and how big a part of their lives it is, talk to your kids about situations like these happening. While you have the coverage if you need it, what’s more important is that your children avoid situations like these and you won’t have to use this coverage.

The internet brings a whole new arena for issues and lawsuits, having enough liability coverage is key. If you don’t think the coverage your home insurance offers you is enough, you always have the option of adding an umbrella insurance policy. An umbrella policy can offer you and your family an extra layer of liability that can come in handy from anything like a situation like this to a very expensive car accident. Call our agents today at 888.865.1244 to review your home insurance coverage or even get a quote for an umbrella insurance policy with us.

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