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Prevent Fires: Christmas Tree Safety

Christmas trees are a hallmark during the holiday season. Many families this December will buy trees for Christmas decoration. If you and your family decide to get a Christmas tree this year, be sure to take safety precautions. Christmas trees can be a fire hazard if not maintained properly. By informing yourself about the ways to stay safe this season, you could be preventing a disaster from happening. Here are some Christmas Tree Safety tips!


Pick a Good Tree

When selecting your Christmas tree, try to choose one that doesn’t shed too many pine needles. Not only are they a pain to clean, but they can pose a fire threat. It could also be dangerous for pets or young children. And, they can be a slipping hazard if they build up. A tree that loses a lot of needles indicates that it might already be drying out.


Prevent Your Tree from Drying Up

The part of a Christmas tree that poses the greatest threat is actually the tree itself. A dried out tree can easily catch on fire. To prevent the tree from drying out, place it away from heaters, vents, and fireplaces. Make sure to water the tree daily to keep it hydrated for as long as possible. After Christmas is over, don’t wait too long before discarding the tree.


Watch Out For Lights

Essential to all fully decorated Christmas trees are the lights. But Christmas tree lights can be another fire hazard. When purchasing lights, choose ones that come from a certified testing laboratory. Also, be sure to check the lights usage – some lights are only meant for indoor use. If you plan to use them outside, get lights that are designed to handle the outdoors. When using old lights, double check their condition. If they are frayed or broken in any way, replace them. And before going to bed, always turn the tree lights off.


Keep an Eye on Children and Pets

Young children and pets may be fascinated by the tree. Keep an eye on them while they are near the tree. Pets can gnaw on electrical wires. If you have glass ornaments, those could be a danger if a small child gets a hold of them.


Christmas Tree Removal

After the holidays are over, don’t wait too long to get rid of your tree. The longer it’s up, the drier and more hazardous it becomes. Find a recycling center to take your tree to. Never try to burn your tree. The tree and needles are filled with sap. Burning the tree could causes unexcepted and dangerous busts of sap. Instead, dispose of it properly. Some towns may even have tree removal services.


While Christmas tree fires are not overly common, when they do occur, they are extremely threatening. Fires can spread quickly and be devastating. Don’t let that happen to your family this Christmas season. Use these tips to keep your home safe. You can also call up your insurance agent to talk about homeowner’s insurance and other ways to prevent accidents at home!


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