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What if I Have a Company Party on a Boat?

Boat parties are a popular way for companies to celebrate. Anniversaries, milestones, and summer parties are all popular events. If your company is holding a party on a boat, how do you ensure your employee’s safety? One way to do that is with proper safety measures and insurance.


If you are renting a boat from a chartering company, then you won’t have to worry about buying your own boat insurance policy. You can only get boat insurance if you own your own boat, not if you are renting. However, when you rent a boat, the rental company may have their own insurance policy you can buy. It may be a good idea to consider getting insurance this way. It’s another layer of protection just in case something goes wrong. If they don’t offer additional coverage upfront, then ask them what happens in the event of an accident.

In general, it’s good to call up your insurance agent to talk about how your small business insurance would help protect you in these situations. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine who would be held liable at an office party. If you feel like you need more coverage, then you can ask about excess liability insurance. This coverage will help cover expenses your other liability insurance may not. For example, if a small accident snowballs into a big, expensive ordeal, then excess liability can help cover some of those costs.

Employee Safety

Holding an office party on a boat definitely has some risks involved. Those risks become greater if there is alcohol involved. Encourage responsible drinking if you plan on having alcohol at your party. Talk to the rental boat company to see what their policies are regarding alcohol consumption. The rental company should have a liquor license or insurance to help protect against alcohol-related accidents. If you choose to have someone cater your party, make sure they have proper insurance for that as well. Alcohol can dramatically impair judgment and motor function. Never let you employees drive under the influence of alcohol! If one of your employees is intoxicated, call them a taxi or Uber so that they don’t risk hurting anyone on the road.

Make sure that your employees are informed of the risks of going on a boat. Inform everyone of the location of life vests and other safety devices. Being educated on safety before leaving the dock is essential for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Though it may seem obvious, but if you are in an uncovered boat, wear sunscreen! Sunburns are serious and cause a lot of damage.

Having a company party on a boat can be fun! Just make sure that your employees are safe while you enjoy the warm weather! While you never anticipate accidents to happen, sometimes they do. Being prepared for the worst can help protect you and your employees in these cases.

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