Crazy Insurance Claims

After spending March talking about insurance needs for natural disasters, we really lightened things up this month. On the Encharter blog, April is all about pranks, wild scenarios, and, of course, crazy insurance claims. Safe to say those of you outside of the insurance industry don’t read articles frequently about the crazy claims people try to make when it comes to their insurance policy. Whether we hear about them first hand with our clients calling or we read about them, we wanted to share some crazy insurance claims stories with you.

Here are some crazy insurance claims stories:
  • Camping Stinks
  • Of Mice and Midlife Crisis Men
  • Hawaii Five-Uh Oh
  • The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
  • Not-So-Happily-Ever-After
  • Vacation Too Hot Spot
  • Where’s the Tooth Fairy When You Need Her?


Camping Stinks

Who doesn’t love camping in the great outdoors when the weather gets warmer? Okay, me, but that’s not the insurance coverage for skunk spraypoint here. You book your campground and you arrive. As you are unloading your vehicle you make the mistake of leaving your door open. A skunk makes its way into the vehicle and leaves behind what skunks leave behind.

Would you be covered? Yes, under your comprehensive coverage of your vehicle you will have coverage for the damage down to the inside of your car. Although, how you are getting home may be another issue.


Of Mice and Midlife Crisis Men

With spring in the air, you are going to want to take out your convertible as soon as possible. If this is just your spring and summer vehicle you probably haven’t been taking it out for a spin in a while. A client recently uncovered their Corvette convertible to take it out for a joy ride. What he found inside was that a nice little family of mice had made a winter home in the electrical system. The mice had also made their favorite food that winter to be the seats of the vehicle.

When you call your insurance agent you will be happy to know they will tell you that you are covered by the comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance, subject to deductible.


insurance coverage rental carHawaii Five-Uh Oh

A client once planned an amazing trip to Hawaii. Her and her husband were looking forward to a nice, relaxing trip, getting up close and personal with everything Hawaii has to offer. This included their incredible beaches. While there, they rented a convertible to cruise around in. In order to get a little closer to the water, they drove up onto the beach. This seemed like a good idea, but they weren’t exactly familiar with the schedule of the tides. Of course, the wave came way too close for comfort and flooding some of the vehicle.

Would this be covered, even though it was a rental car? It would be covered, once again, by comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance. However, if the rental vehicle has to be replaced and it is worth more than your car at home you may be in trouble. The rental car place will also most likely have you pay for “loss of wages” of that vehicle now that they have one less rental vehicle on the lot. This is a scenario where it would have paid to get extra coverage for the rental car, whether through a credit card company or the rental car place.


The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Encharter doesn’t insure any of these high profile celebrities so this little tid-bit is from Property Casualty 360. One of my favorite “crazy insurance scenarios” to read about is always those of what celebrities insure. Some examples of insurance policies they have taken out: Bette Davis’ on her waist, Bruce Springsteen on his voice, and Julie Roberts on her smile. I can’t argue with the value of Springsteen’s voice, but I can wonder if I were Bette Davis if I’d be able to file a claim after the holiday season.


Not-So-Happily-Ever-Afterwedding insurance

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time. So many things can go wrong. Many couples are opting in on wedding insurance. According to Property Casualty 360, this can cover a huge range of wedding issues. As is the case with any event, things can go wrong. If the venue has a fire and has to close two days before the wedding, what would you do? This can help with that scenario and many more. In addition, if your future husband or wife has a change of heart and the wedding is off there’s coverage.

We should point out if you get married and then things don’t work out, you will not be covered. In fact, you will just pay more money for a divorce.


Vacation Too Hot Spot

Who doesn’t love a nice summer escape? Those of us in Connecticut and Massachusetts are fortunate enough to have so many great places to visit just a short drive away. One of the best ways to take advantage of this is to rent a house, usually on a beach somewhere. A huge pro of renting a house is you can make it feel like home while doing things like all gathering in the kitchen to cook and eat dinner. What if you have a kitchen accident and you end up causing a fire?

You’ll be happy to know that your home insurance coverage will offer you some protection in this event.


insurance for false teethWhere’s the Tooth Fairy When You Need Her?

Many elderly men and women get to a certain point in life when they have to resort to fake teeth. Picture this: you are at a social event, take your teeth out to enjoy a nice steak, and get too wrapped up in conversation to realize your plate has been cleared… with your teeth on it. If you are unable to catch the staff before they toss them in the trash, what happens? Aside from not smiling in photos the rest of the night, you also have to worry about replacing them after that.

You’d be happy to know that your home insurance policy will come into play and cover you for these very important lost items.


Pretty crazy insurance claims and stories, right? While most are just fun to laugh, you never know what will happen. Get prepared. Give our agents a call at 888.865.1244 and get a quote or ask about your current policy.

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