CT Home Insurance & Your Health

We all have our tricks to curing everyday health issues. Whether it is staring into a light to sneeze or drinking water upside to cure the hiccups, we believe to have the cure-all solution. Although we hear some weird myths, like butter heals burns, Men’s Health released 18 health tips to guide you with minor annoyances to your body.

Did you know your left ear is better for pick up music? And that scratching your ear can cure a tickle in your throat? Men’s Health (although it applies to women too!) have these and 16 other tricks for you to use every day. From curing brain freeze to lowering the pain of a needle injection, the article provides insight to how we can remedy small nuisances.

Health is one of our primary concerns and something we constantly worry about. We can exercise (one tip is exhaling while landing on your left foot) and eat right, but we can never prevent the unknown. Whether it is an auto accident or a natural disaster, you can find yourself calling your CT insurance company in the future.

Review your CT car insurance and CT home insurance policy after you learn some health tips and tricks. Your Encharter Insurance agent can make sure you are getting the best coverage at the best price. Call and agent today at (888) 865-1244 or visit our revamped website!

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