CT Life & CT Jewelry Insurance: Insuring Your Ring & Your New Life


It’s hard to believe how many of my friends have married in the past two years and are soon to be married in the next. I’m so excited for them because, as a girl, I know what it’s like—every little girl starts dreaming of their wedding from the minute they can formulate the words “I do”.  They imagine the church, the dress, the veil, the flowers, the bridesmaids, the ring, and (NOT least of all) the guy. 

The memories from the wedding are captured in photos and videos, but you don’t relive that day ever again; the flowers fade and the dress ends up in a box in your attic so you’ll never wear it again (either because it goes out of style or it doesn’t fit)—the only things that truly last from your wedding day are the guy you married and the ring on your finger and it’s time to show how much they really mean to you by protecting them. How, you ask?

When you schedule your rings on CT Home Insurance policy with a Jewelry Insurance policy, they are protected from ANYTHING:

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Stone falls out of a setting
  • And more…

Better still, there is no deductible when you schedule items on your CT Homeowners insurance policy.

And purchasing a CT Life insurance policy will help prepare your family to deal with a tragic loss. A Connecticut Life Insurance policy will allow you to provide and care for them after you’ve gone.

These two types of insurance seem small, but they can play a critical role in making your wedding day the first step to truly starting a new life by helping you protect it. Talk to one of our CT Insurance agents at Encharter Insurance today!

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