The phrase “combine and save” seems to be plastered on every insurance commercial you see, but what does it mean? Most people have more than one policy. If you own a home you have home insurance, if you own a condo you will have condo insurance, and if you rent you will have renters insurance. In addition, you also most likely have a car insurance policy.

Do you have the same carrier for both of those policies? If you don’t, you should. When you have your insurance policies with the same insurance carrier company, THIS is combine and save. In addition to the savings you can receive on both of your policies, there is the added benefit of dealing with one company for all of your insurance questions and needs.

Encharter Insurance can help you combine your policies to save money! By simply combining your policies with our agency, you can see a savings on your annual premium. Our agents can shop our multiple carriers to find you the best deal. Some policies may qualify for a carrier discount as well.

With one agent, you have fewer hassles, less paperwork and you save money! You can even ask your agent about going paperless.

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