This form will help you to better understand what is covered or partially covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy. For information at your fingertips, download our Home Insurance Coverage Tip Sheet. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your policy.

Is My House Covered For All Losses?

Your home is insured on a “Special Form” policy.  This provides coverage for all losses EXCEPT those excluded in the policy. Typical exclusions from your home insurance policy include: flood, earthquake, backup of sewers and drains, water seepage, and wear and tear. Please refer to your policy for a complete description of coverages and exclusions. Policies to supplement coverage are available as home insurance add-ons or additional policies.

What Do I Need To Protect My Home From Flood Damage?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide coverage for flood damage. However, even homes in low- to moderate-risk flood zones should consider a flood insurance policy. Flood policies can be purchased for building only, contents only, or both building and contents coverage. We recommend covering the full value of your home. For homes in high-risk flood zones, excess flood insurance is also available. Discuss your coverage options with your agent to determine the best coverage plan for your home.

What Are Some Of The Items That Have Limited Coverage Under Homeowners Insurance?

Typical policies generally include the following coverage amounts for special items*:

  • Business Property at Home: $2,500 limit
  • Business Property Away from Home: $250 limit
  • Unscheduled Jewelry, Watches, Etc.: $1,000 limit
  • Guns: $2,000 limit
  • Silverware: $2,500 limit
  • Boats and Trailers at Home: $1,000 limit
  • Cash: $200 limit
  • Limited Fungi and Mold Coverage: $10,000
  • Property limit: $50,000 Liability limit

*You may already have enhanced limits, please refer to your policy.

The best way to determine adequate protection on your homeowner’s policy is to keep a home inventory. Having a record of everything you have in your home can provide your agent with a benchmark for personal belongings coverage, and assist the replacement process should you experience a loss.

A home inventory can also bring your attention to items such as jewelry, fine arts, antiques or other valuable collections which may need supplemental coverage. Enhancement endorsements are available to provide additional limits of coverage based on your needs. Your agent can walk you through the appropriate policies and limits for these high-value items.

Enhancement endorsements are available to provide additional limits of coverage based on your needs.  Please call our office for detailed information.

Does Homeowners Insurance Offer Identity Fraud Expense Coverage?

Identity Fraud expense coverage is available as an endorsement to many of our residential insurance policies for as little as $3.00 per month. This coverage will assist you in recovering your identity should it be stolen. A designated fraud specialist will help with tasks such as contacting the credit bureau, filing documents, replacing documents, and providing you with preventative measures to avoid identity fraud happening to you again in the future. For more information, contact your agent.

Does My Policy Provide Ordinance or Law Coverage?

Most policies provide up to 10% of your Coverage A limit. Is this enough coverage? In the event of a property loss, this important endorsement can be purchased to provide increased limits of coverage necessary to comply with the enforcement of an ordinance or law in your town. Contact our office for more information.

Is There Coverage If I Work Out Of My Home?

There is very limited property coverage and no liability coverage for home businesses. “Business in the Home” programs are available and may require working with a commercial lines agent. For more information on this program, and for other small business insurance policies, contact our agents.

Do I Have Enough Liability Insurance? What Is An Umbrella Policy?

An Umbrella policy, when purchased, will provide excess liability protection over and above your personal liability limits no matter where you are in the world. This policy protects you from property damage and bodily injury coverage, as well as lawsuits that go beyond your basic home insurance policy limits. Common scenarios are someone falling on your property, or if you host parties. If you have high-risk elements to your home such as a swimming pool or trampoline, an umbrella insurance policy probably makes sense in the event of an accident. For more details and available limits, contact your agent.

Does My Mortgage Pay My Homeowners Insurance?

You should check with your bank to see if they escrow for insurance. If so, please forward the bill to them for prompt payment. Notify our office of any change in mortgagee information. There can be serious consequences on insurance policies for non-payment so be sure to clarify with your mortgage company who will receive the bill and make payment.

Is There Coverage For Boats, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, Jet Skis Or Camping Trailers?

A traditional homeowner’s policy is not adequate coverage for these items. However, there are additional insurance policies which we can tailor to your boatrecreational vehicle, etc. Please call our office if you have any of these items so we can properly cover your ownership and use of them!