7 DIYs to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

curb appeal diy


This is the perfect time to get outside and start enjoying the sun!  Improving curb appeal is a great weekend activity that can increase the value of your property.  It’s also a fun neighborhood activity that can bring you closer to your community.  Improving your curb appeal doesn’t need to be a tedious and difficult undertaking.  There are some easy ways to make your home’s exterior look refreshed and ready to go for the spring.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.  It’s a sure way to revamp your home’s appearance.  If you are looking for a more dramatic change, pick a new color.  If repainting your home is not something you want to undertake, then repainting a fence or a mailbox can also make a subtle but impactful change.

Plant Flowers
Flowers can brighten up your home’s exterior.  Spring is the ideal time to add a bit of color to your lawn.  There are plenty of flowers that will be low maintenance and durable.  Some flowers, like hydrangeas, only need to be planted once.  They re-bloom every year!

Tend to Shrubs and Bushes
Shrubs and bushes take a toll during the winter months.  Tend to them and make sure that they are in good condition.  If they need to be trimmed, give them some attention.  Remember to be careful when using lawn care tools.  And, if you do not feel comfortable trimming them yourself, call in a professional.

Re-seed the Lawn
Putting down seeds will encourage growth.  You can also try to rid your lawn of unwanted weeds.  There’s nothing quite like a luscious green lawn.  Don’t forget to cut it after it grows!

Power Wash
Power washing your home’s exterior can make a huge difference.  Over time, dirt and grime can build up.  Refresh the feel of your home and power wash to get all the filth off.  If you have a walkway, power washing and sealing it can improve your home’s curb appeal as well.

Reseal the Driveway
Your pavement can get worn and cracked from the winter.  Salt, sand, and ice do not mix well with asphalt.   Patch up any cracks that may have mysteriously appeared and give your driveway a new coat of sealant to keep it looking sharp.

Safety First!
No matter how beautiful your curb appeal may be, safety is always the most important factor to consider.  Install handrails by stairs or steps to reduce the chance of slipping.  Make sure there is adequate lighting outside.  If you have a path leading up to your door, there should be lights to illuminate the area.  Pools and ponds can be a drowning hazard. Put up a fence around your pool if there is not one there already.  Putting up a sign for an alarm or security system can deter burglars from coming to your house.  Also inspect your shed and consider getting a lock because thieves often target them.

Though the spring can be one of the best times to tackle any curb appeal projects, it is also notorious for storms and rainy weather.  If something were to happen to your home during some rough weather, you’ll want to have protection.  Having a homeowners’ insurance policy can help you protect you financially in case something became damaged or broken.  After the work you put into your home, don’t let one storm undo your efforts.

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