Do I Need to Get Business Insurance in Massachusetts?

There are definitely times when it is clear that you are going to need Massachusetts Business Insurance – if you open a restaurant, if you rent out a space to start selling the best gizmos and gadgets on the planet, or if you are asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance as proof (assuming you already have a policy) – basically, you are typically going to need Business Insurance in Massachusetts if you own a business.

But, sometimes, it isn’t so cut and dry. What if you decide to start working from home? Or, what if you use your personal car for work errands? Or, what if you use your musical instrument for professional use? Or, what if you are just getting your business started, when do you start to need insurance in MA?

It can really matter if you use personal items for business (or professional) use in the way that they are insured and protected in the event of a loss. The first thing that you can do is call to find out if the item in question – car, cello, home office – is (or will be) properly covered on your current Home Insurance or Car Insurance policy. The way that you use these items can affect your coverage if they are not appropriately written in your policy. And who knows, a quick call might let you know that you are all set to continue doing what you are doing.

However, if these items are not being covered adequately or the coverage needs to change, this probably means that you are in need of a Business Insurance policy! Not to worry though, we can help! Click here to find out more and to see if you are in need of a Business Insurance policy for your property or newly established business.

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