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Do The Holidays Affect Your Business?

The Holidays are a busy time of year for many. For business owners, the holidays can be busy or slow depending on your industry. The most important thing a business owner can do is plan how the holidays will affect their company.

If your business is slower during the holidays

  • Review your social media, plan out months’ worth of content. Be sure to update follow requests and look for ways to increase followers.
  • Scan your website for any necessary updates and make sure the content is still relevant.
  • Write new blog posts, brainstorm ideas, and schedule them to post later.
  • Plan the upcoming year’s business plan regarding achievements and goals. Make sure your insurance needs align with your business plan.

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If your business is busier during the holidays

  • Consider increasing staff with temporary employees during the busy months.
  • Try shifting your focus from generating new business to nurturing the business you do have. Maybe offer exclusive discounts to returning customers.
  • Have happy customers? Now is a great time to ask for them for testimonials.
  • Send a personal thank you appreciation email.

Tips for any business

  • Get organized by making a check list. It’s easy to forget things around the holidays.
  •  Be sure that you post your holiday hours so they are clear for your clients. Remember to include social networks, newsletters, emails, and your website.
  • Don’t let your marketing fall to the wayside. It’s ok to decrease some content, but being consistent and relevant is important to continue.
  • Remember what the holidays are about. Take a moment for reflection.
  • Once the busy, or slow, holiday season is behind us, it’s important to remember to re-adjust any changes that were made.

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Manage stress and anxiety for you and your employees

For many, the festive season turns out to be anything but merry. This year, the holidays have an additional source of stress with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With travel and gathering size restrictions preventing families from their normal traditional holiday celebrations, it can be disappointing.

  • Try to keep a positive and upbeat work environment
  •  Provide employees with a holiday gift from the company
  •  Offer bonuses and incentives for a job well done
  •  Be conscience of work/life balance. When employees are at home do not disturb them with work related issues
  •  It’s OK to admit you are overwhelmed as a business owner. Ask for help from other team members or leaders.
  • Ensure you communicate performance expectations for the holiday season, so you and your employees know what to anticipate.

Ending the holiday season and year on a positive note

We all need a subtle reminder that the holidays should bring joy and cheer, rather than stress. With that, remember to communicate that sentiment to your teams.

We would like to take this time to wish everyone a healthy, prosperous, and joyous holiday season!

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