Dogs in Funny Halloween Costumes=Liability Risk?

Fido is a faithful member of the family and he does everything with you. This is why some people don’t want to leave their dog out of the Halloween festivities by dressing them up in a costume for the event…kind of like these folks who dressed their dogs in funny costumes. The golden retriever turned tiger was my favorite…which one is yours?

As fun as this might be for us humans, your adorable four-legged friend might not find it so amusing. This could make your beloved pet irritable and/or frightened and, therefore, more likely to lash out against a cuddly toddler or amused adult. This is a great liability. You’re practically creating what we in the insurance world call an “attractive nuisance”. Other attractive nuisances include trampolines and pools.

Purchasing additional liability coverage in the form of a Connecticut Umbrella Insurance policy is a great idea, especially with dogs. Enjoy your Halloween, try not to torture your dog too much, and be sure to talk to your Encharter Insurance agent about CT Umbrella Insurance.


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