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Safety Tips: Driving With Pets

We love our pets as members of our family. When you take your dog or cat on the road, it’s important that they are safe in the car as well. As humans, we take extra precautions with seatbelts and other safety features. You should impart the same level of safety when driving with your pets. Here are some handy safety tips for driving with your pets!

Driving With Your Pet Safety Tips

Transport your pet in a crate or carrier.

Make sure that the crate is the appropriate size for your pet (not too big or small). It should also be well ventilated. Secure the crate to ensure that it doesn’t jostle around as your stop and turn.

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Don’t let your pet sit in the passenger seat.

As tempting as it is to have your dog as your co-pilot, don’t let your dog sit in the passenger seat. If you get into an accident, the front facing airbags can be dangerous.

Don’t let your pet sit on your lap while driving.

Similar to the previous point, having your dog in your lap while driving is dangerous. Not only are the airbags a potential hazard, but your pet can be a distraction too. Having a dog or a cat on your lap as you drive can also interfere with your driving ability.

Use a pet seatbelt.

As an alternative to a crate, opt for a pet seatbelt. They keep your pet secure but can offer some more freedom. They attach to human seatbelt so your pet can still feel like they are part of the family.

Put up a gate in your car’s trunk.

Another good option is to put your pets in the trunk of your car and then place a gate or barrier between the trunk and the body of the car. This is a good option for those with two dogs. And, of course, we are referring to open trunk storage areas, like in an SUV.

Pack Snacks and Water.

Driving can often make your pets nervous. Make sure to bring along plenty of water and treats for them.

Never let your dog roam free in the flatbed of your truck.

In some states, putting pets in the back of the truck is illegal. The practice is dangerous and thousands of pets each year die from riding in the flatbed.

Don’t let your pet stick their head out the window.

Though your pet may love the rush of air, don’t allow them to stick their head out the window. When they do, your pet is at risk of getting debris in their eyes. They could also fall out of the car!

Practice Driving.

Your pets may feel anxious or nervous in the car. One of the best ways to overcome that fear is by practicing. You may start off with short drives around the block and progress to longer routes. This can help your pet acclimate to being in the car.

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