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Do I Have Enough Motorcycle Insurance for My Trip?

As a motorcycle rider, does anything seem more appealing than taking a long trip once nicer weather hits? Trains, planes, and cars may be most people’s preferred method of travel for vacations, but not when you own a motorcycle. There are so many ways to make a vacation an adventure when you have a motorcycle. Whether you bring it in a trailer and ride somewhere far from home or take to the road right on your motorcycle, there are always things to think of when it comes to coverage and your motorcycle journey.

insurance motorcycle tripThe first thing you should do before hitting the road is talk to your agent about motorcycle insurance. Maybe you have your coverage lowered because you weren’t riding during the winter or maybe you just bought a bike and haven’t gotten around to a policy, either way it is the most important thing you can do for you and your motorcycle. It’s no secret accidents happen while riding a motorcycle; even more than if you’re driving a car, and having great motorcycle insurance is something you may really end up being grateful for. It is also important to have not just the basics, but the right coverage for your unique needs. Maybe your bike requires more coverage because of additional accessories you have added or maybe you should have more liability coverage, either way our agents can help design the right policy for you.

What kind of a motorcycle adventure are you heading out on?
  • Packing Up Your Trailer & Taking Your Bike on the Road
  • Packing Up Your Gear & Taking Your Bike on the Road
  • Hitting the Road with a Passenger
Packing Up Your Trailer and Taking Your Bike on the Road

This is a popular way to travel because it is the best of both worlds. If you are taking a journey to a different state it may be somewhere you have always wanted to ride, but just riding their on your motorcycle could be too risky (and too far away). This option allows you to not have to worry too much about the weather and you can pack more of your things without having to worry about where you will keep them.

One of the first coverage questions for this type of motorcycle journey may be, “is my trailer covered?” Turns out this is something not connected with your motorcycle insurance. Liability coverage for the trailer comes from the policy for the vehicle  towing it so it this case it will be your car insurance you’ll want to check coverage for. If you want physical damage coverage, for something like an accident, you have to add it to your auto policy. If you are keeping your helmets and other gear in the trailer, that would be covered under contents coverage on your homeowners insurance policy.

If you were to get into an accident and the trailer was damaged, that coverage would be on your auto motorcycle insurance connecticutinsurance policy, if you chose to add collision coverage for it. However, if the motorcycle was damaged, even while in the trailer, it would be your motorcycle coverage that would be used. This brings up a good point about storing your motorcycle in the off-season for riding. No matter where your motorcycle is, if it’s damaged you’re going to wish you had motorcycle insurance. This is true even if that bike is off the road as is the case above.

Packing Up Your Gear and Taking Your Bike on the Road

If you choose to take the journey just on your bike, with you, your stuff and the open road you may be wondering about different kinds of coverage. One of the things you may worry about is coverage for your accessories. Odds are you are going to be bringing more with you than you typically will if you’re riding closer to home.  A motorcycle policy does not typically have coverage for your personal contents. In this case, you will want to make sure you have enough coverage with your home insurance or talk to your agent about some options that may be available through your motorcycle coverage.

If part of your packing includes adding storage features to your bike, talk to an agent to make sure those added, specialized items will be covered. Whenever you customize your bike you will want to double check if you have enough coverage. In this case it may be storage, but in other cases it may mean top of the line chrome features or other more expensive items. More expensive additions to your bike will most likely require upping some of your coverage.

Hitting the Road with a Passenger

While the empty road can be so relaxing and exciting on your own, when it comes to taking a trip you may want to bring someone along for the ride. Whether it is a friend, relative, or that special someone, chances are you will be concerned about coverage for passengers on your journey. The best thing you can do to make sure you have enough coverage is to speak with an agent directly because every situation is unique.

motorcycle insurance maOne of the first things to consider is: in the event of an accident, what if that person was injured? Your bodily injury coverage with your motorcycle insurance would help cover any injuries. They could also file a claim under their insurance if you did not have enough coverage. With someone on board with you, more stops may be on the agenda. Whether you are stopping for food, sight seeing, or an overnight stay at a hotel, rest assured your comprehensive coverage should cover you for theft or damage not caused by a collision.

Hopefully the above information and potentially a conversation with your agent has you ready to take on life’s next adventure. No matter where your journey takes you, knowing you have the motorcycle insurance you need in the event of any surprises can make the journey that much more relaxing. Questions about your coverage or interested in getting a motorcycle insurance quote? Call our agents at 888.865.1244.

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