Food & Scents to Reduce Stress

umbrella insurance The summer is winding down and chances are the feelings of stress are picking up (that is, if you have been able to keep them down this summer). Sometimes when we are stressed, it may feel like nothing can solve it.  You may already have your techniques, such as pumping iron or going for a long run or some meditation, but sometimes you just can’t sneak off to the gym or your quiet place. As your insurance agents, we always recommend having the right amount of insurance coverage. Knowing you and your family are covered can always help you rest a little easier. Once you’ve done that, you may be surprised to know that another way to relieve stress is with the right foods and scents. If you can slip away to the grocery store, there are some smells and tastes which can calm you after a stress filled morning at the office.

Sniff an Apple – This might seem silly, but sniffing on a green apple will help you feel a bit better. The scent is specifically used to reduce headaches. This could be the perfect remedy after a day of hectic phone calls and endless meetings.

Sip on Tea – Forget about the morning cup of coffee in favor of caffeinated black or green tea. Research has shown that the amino acids in tea combined the caffeine allow you to function at a more alert level.

Nibble on Chocolate –   Munching on some dark chocolate is a great way to alleviate stress hormones. This sweet treat can also help in relieving high anxiety. Just make sure that you eat your chocolate in moderation, too much snacking and you will be regretting it come swimsuit season.

Indulge in a Carb Craving – Do not be afraid to reach for the cereal on the shelf! Carbohydrates stimulate serotonin in the brain. This chemical is the one that makes you feel happy. Just make sure that you are avoiding any cereal that is loaded with artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. Whole grains will serve you much better in the long run!

Hopefully, you will be able to lower your stress with these treats. These ideas might seem zany, but during those tough times even a little bit of help can mean a lot. If you want to learn more about the right insurance coverage for you to relieve stress, like we mentioned above, feel free to give our agents a call today at 888.865.1244. One example is having an umbrella insurance policy to give you added liability insurance coverage. Trust us, you will sleep a little better at night knowing that if a major accident or lawsuit occurred in your life you would be prepared, beyond the liability limits your home and auto insurance give you. What are you waiting for? Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab some dark chocolate and talk with our agents and hopefully we can reduce some of that back to school stress.

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