Your Football Party Insurance Check List

It’s that time of the year – Fall Sports are back! For those of us who like to enjoy a Sunday watching Football with your friends and family this is a MUST read. You never know what could happen when your house is full of guests, drinking, laughing, and having a good time.

insurance for a partySmall incidents like a broken item in your home could very easily occur when things get rowdy. Larger incidents like someone getting hurt and potentially suing isn’t too far-fetched either, unfortunately. Lastly, one of the worst case scenarios may be if a guest could have a little too much to drink and get behind the wheel causing an accident.

These are all incidents in which you would need enough insurance coverage to protect you and your home. In the spirit of you being able to focus on the fun aspects of your party, we figured we would break down your insurance needs. This way you can review the check list below, call your agent, and then throw a party knowing you have the coverage you need.

Take a look at our throwing a party home insurance check list:

What if someone got injured?

When hosting a party you always run the risk of someone accidentally getting injured and hurt. Although this accident may have not been your fault, the injured party might think it was. In this scenario, your home insurance policy is there to help.

Home insurance includes personal liability coverage which can help in the event of a lawsuit. This would liability insuranceinclude a situation like the one above where you could be found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage. It can also include medical payments that will cover medical bills for people hurt on your property.

The above may seem like something that a friend or even relative you let into your home would never do, but you just never know these days.

What if someone stole something?

Chances are the people in your home are people you trust and you don’t have to worry about theft. What about if your friend brings a friend that you don’t know so well? It’s always good to be prepared for the worst when opening your doors to guests. It’s even better to be prepared with the right insurance coverage.

It is important to make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy has the right coverage for your most important belongings. Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers a limit of personal property coverage and is subject to the deductible you have requested in the case of a theft.

For your more valuable items – make sure to schedule these items on your policy so they will not be subject to that deductible. These can include jewelry, antiques, or even that autographed football you hold so dear!

What if something were broken?

Let’s be honest, if you have a group of people at your house, who happen to be avid football fans, during game time, things can get rowdy. Maybe your best friends’ touchdown dance proves to be more dangerous than they think or your dad’s angry stomp knocks something over, would you be covered?

It happens all the time, especially with a crowded house. Your home insurance will cover personal possessions in your home, but for those high-priced items, make sure to schedule them.

What if a friend stays the night?

home insurance liabilityIf a friend needs to sleep over, don’t worry! Your home insurance policy will cover any injury or accident that could happen to them while they are under your roof. This is coverage always there for you when it comes to guests, the only time you may need to up coverage is for long-term house guests or those paying rent at your home.

Safe to assume they’ll head home in a reasonable timeframe and the above concerns won’t need to be addressed.

What about if there will be alcohol served?

It is important to be aware of the social host liability law that states an injured person can sue the person who provided them alcohol in the event of an accident. Planning for designated drivers ahead of time will save you from worrying, along with extra liability insurance. Your homeowners insurance most likely has liquor liability coverage, but it may not be enough. For a relatively low yearly premium, an umbrella insurance policy can add additional liability coverage to protect you from accidents that may happen.

We can’t possibly cover every occurrence that can happen at a party at your house. The best advice we have is to use common sense, have fun, and make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is paid up. And consider that umbrella policy in the event that you do find yourself needing more liability coverage.

More questions before you send out your invites? Give our agents a call at 888.865.1244 and they can help you prepare.

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