Frozen Pipes & Your MA Home Insurance

Frozen pipes can be detrimental to your home, and wallet, but when you’re a Massachusetts homeowner there is no escape from cold winter temperatures.  Fortunately, we have some great tips to keep your pipes from icing up.

  • The most effective method of prevention is to avoid running your pipes in exterior walls, attics, or basements. Pipes in these areas are exposed to the cold and much more susceptible to freezing.
  • If do you have pipes in these danger areas, make sure there is insulation between the pipes and the cold wall. Insulation can also improve energy conservation!
  • Find that annoying chilly draft and seal it up using spray foam. Drafts are one of the biggest causes of frozen pipes.
  • If you have pipes in the backs of cabinets, open the cabinet doors on really cold days. This is an effective yet simple prevention method that will save you from an unexpected frozen pipe.
  • Leaving your faucet on a slow drip keeps the water moving and reduces pressure in the pipe. However, it is very wasteful so only do it as a last resort!

If your pipes do freeze, the first thing to do is shut off your water and give your plumber a call. Do not try to thaw the pipes yourself because it can be very dangerous. Then you should call your local Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance agent. Even if your pipes haven’t frozen, be prepared and talk to your agent before disaster strikes. The MA insurance agents at Encharter Insurance know that water damage can be expensive and may lead to more severe problems in the future. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your policy.


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