Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

Just like a car, your motorcycle needs some love and care after the winter. While you may not have been riding it throughout the colder months, it’s still important to do some maintenance before hopping on a spring ride. Prepping your bike for the upcoming season can help prevent mishaps while on the road. It’s best to take preventative measures before things have a chance to go wrong. Here are some quick tips to get your motorcycle ready for spring!


Check the Tires

Having good tires is important for all motorcycles. Check to see how the tires have held up after a season in storage. If the tires are weathered, now is a great opportunity to get new tires. If the tires are in good shape, examine the pressure. Your tires could have lost some pressure while in storage.


Change the Fuel

If your bike was in storage during the winter, you might have some old fuel sitting inside the tank. Be sure to drain it before you begin riding. If you winterized your bike and drained the fuel, make sure there’s gunk, rust, or corrosion in the tank. Once you check the tank, fill her up with some new gas!


Check the Battery

Checking the battery is another important step. Double check to see if your battery is still working after the winter. Depending on the battery, you may be able to charge it if needed. Otherwise, you might need to replace the battery if it does not work.


Check the Fluids

Like a car, the fluids for your motorcycle can fluctuate. Check the various fluids levels to make sure that your motorcycle is ready to go. Brake fluid is important to double check. Coolant is as well. If you are unsure about your motorcycle’s fluid levels, you can always take it to get professionally checked.


Oil Change

Look at your motorcycle’s oil before taking her out for a spin. It’s never a bad idea to change the oil after a winter. You can check the owner’s manual for how to change the oil on your specific bike. However, you can also opt to take it to the garage.


Clean the Air Filter

Cleaning the air filter is any easy maintenance step. Using some pressurized air, you can clean the filter. If necessary, you can also change the filter entirely. A dirty air filter will cause the engine to work harder.


Look at Your Insurance

You may have forgotten about your motorcycle insurance coverage during the winter. The start of spring is a good time to reevaluate your coverage. If you previously decreased your coverage, perhaps you want to increase it for the spring and summer. If there have been any changes, make sure to tell your insurance company of those changes. Changes could include a new address, additional rider, or other big life events. Talk to your agent about changes or questions you might have about your motorcycle insurance coverage. You can also learn more about it here.


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