Going Skating at a Public Rink…Now What?

One fun thing to do in the winter is to visit a local rink and do some skating. If you are lucky enough, there may even be a local outdoor rink by you. Pending the weather isn’t too cold, of course. Some of us aren’t seasoned skaters, but still like to hit the rink for a little fun. Especially for those of us still technically needing milk crates, have you ever wondered what would happen if you were injured?

liability skating rinkWould you be liable? Would the rink be liable? In some instances, would it even be a fellow skater? Of course, you can count on us for answers to all of these questions. First, if you are at a public rink and are injured, the rink operator could be held liable. Because they own the rink, they hold the liability of skaters being injured at their property.

In the event that it is other skaters involved in how you were injured, they could be held liable under a negligence or intentional tort theory if they were responsible for the injury. For example, intentionally pushing someone from behind could lead to a battery case. For a successful negligence case, the defendant must have been behaving in a manner that was atypical for an ice skating rink, such as skating aggressively and erratically against the flow of the other skaters. However, simply because a defendant, otherwise skating in a safe and considerate manner, loses her balance and crashes in to someone else does not necessarily make that defendant liable for negligence.

This is one instance where it isn’t likely to be your personal insurance, like your Connecticut home insurance or auto insurance; it would be the rink’s insurance policy that would come into play. That doesn’t mean now isn’t a great time to call your agent and check up on your Connecticut insurance coverage. Do you have enough coverage for whatever this crazy winter has in store next? Call us at 888.865.1244.

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