Hail: With Encharter, It’s A Chance to Dance In The Rain

Imagine for a minute that you’ve just been caught in a rain storm. You’re running in a parking lot to reach your car as soon as possible when you notice the rhythmic sounds of a metal beat. But then you realize, as you’re being pelted in the head, that those are no steel drums from the beaches of the Caribbean. Nope—that is the sound of hail, the size of quarters, raining from the heavens and, not only is it now giving you a headache, it’s denting your car and chipping its paint.

No need to let it keep “raining on your parade” (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself…). If you have comprehensive coverage on your Car Insurance policy, then you’re covered! Not sure if you do or not? Talk to your Encharter Insurance agent and review your current Auto Insurance policy. Our agents have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that you are adequately covered in the event of a loss and they can help you sort through the insurance jargon of your policy.

And if you have any questions about Massachusetts or Connecticut Homeowner’s Insurance, Massachusetts or Connecticut Life Insurance or Massachusetts or Connecticut Business Insurance, we’d like to help with that too! You can call us at 888-865-1244!


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