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Halloween Safety for Homeowners

Halloween is fun for the family – trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, and watching scary movies! But amongst all the fun seasonal activates, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Even though Halloween is spooky, your life shouldn’t be. Use these tips this Halloween to help keep your home protected from all the ghouls and goblins lurking around!


Turn on Outdoor Lights

Turning on your outdoor lights is not only a way to indicate your home is welcoming trick-or-treaters, but it also helps keep everyone safe. A well light exterior can help prevent trips and falls from visitors.

Clear Pathways

You don’t want trick-or-treaters accidentally tripping and falling on their way to grab candy. Rake up any fallen leaves, and clear up any other debris that might be in the way. You may also want to move your car into the garage to clear more space.

Light Walkways

Make sure that your pathways are well lit. Replace any bulbs if needed. It’s hard enough to see at night, and adding lights makes it a little easier for people to walk up to your house.

Turn Off Your Alarms Before Trick-Or-Treaters Arrive

While it’s always important to protect your home from theft, it’s equally as important to prevent false alarms. After all the kids come for their candy, turn your alarm back on.

Keep Pets Locked Away

Although your furry friends may love all the attention, it’s best to keep them away. A scary costume or some erratic children may frighten your pets. If your pet were to hurt someone, even by accident, you could still be responsible.

Swap Out Candles

Although your spooky jack-o-lantern isn’t complete without some lighting inside, opt for a battery powered or LED candles. This way, even if it get knocked over, there won’t be a fire hazard. Kids are often clumsy so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Take Pictures of Your Home Before Halloween

Between Mischief Night and Halloween, there could be some potential damage done to your home. Make sure to document your home before these dates so that you have evidence of vandalism. Talk to your insurance agent to see what is covered in your homeowners insurance policy.

Make Sure Lighting is Grounded

The lights and decorations are part of the fun. Help keep your home safe by making sure that the lighting is grounded. Use covered electric outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

Use Store-Bought Treats

Although you might be a baking wizard, it’s best to go with store-bought treats. Many parents feel more comfortable with their children taking pre-wrapped items. And, store-bought have allergen information, which could be crucial for some.

Do Home Maintenance

Before Halloween rolls around, it’s a good time to get those fall home maintenance items ticked off your checklist. Not only is it important to do it before h=winter, but it can help mitigate potential hazards around your home. Check out this article for tips on fall home maintenance .

Enjoy this Halloween and use these tips to help keep everyone safe. If you have questions about accidents and your home insurance, talk to an Encharter agent! We are here to help address your concerns and answer your inquiries.

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