Help Kids Adjust to a New School

home insurance massachusettsIt’s hard to believe we are already talking about the kids going back to school. Going back to school can be an adjustment for kids of any age. Transitioning from summer months right back into the grind of school, after school activities, and sports is hectic for kids and parents. What about those parents sending their child to a new school? If you have recently moved to Massachusetts (or maybe even just a  couple of towns over) and are sending your son or daughter to a new school this year, here are some ways to help your child adjust to a new school in their first weeks back.

  1. Talk it through with your kids. Keep an open dialogue to try to get to the bottom of what their concerns are. The more you know what they are worried about the better you can help combat these worries.
  2. Be prepared from some rough days. Transitioning to a new school can be tough, but give them some time to settle in.
  3. Stick to the routine. Try not to make too many changes at home, keeping the same routine will help your child balance.
  4. Socialize! Offer to host a party to get your son or daughter integrated into a new crowd or schedule a play date. Home is where your child feels most comfortable, making it a great place for them to make new friends.
  5. Make sure you are also getting involved. If you have the time, volunteer at their school to try and meet your child’s new teachers and classmates. This can also help you meet other parents which can be a great way for your child to make new friends.
  6. Every child is different and no one knows their child better than you do. How quickly they adjust really depends on their personality. Keep monitoring them and checking their progress and after a while if it’s taking longer than you expect, talk to their teachers and school counselors about a plan to help them out.

Helping your children adjust to a new school is just one of the many headaches of moving. Once you have found just the right new home, you then have to deal with packing up your life and moving all of it into someplace new. What about home insurance? Sometimes in the rush of moving you don’t have time to shop around for a great quote. Now that you are a little more settled, give our agents a call at 888.865.1244! They can shop several companies at once, getting you the coverage you need at the most affordable rate.

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