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Hidden Uses for Your Hair Dryer & Your MA Renters Insurance

Last week I talked about all of the things you could use your dishwasher for, other than your dishes. I recently came across an article about the five great uses for your hairdryer I thought might also be helpful. Turns out we have all of these tools in our home with way more uses than we thought!

Remove photos from photo albums by blowing warm air onto the back of a page and gently tugging the photo free. This can be great for getting those old photos onto your computer or for putting a scrapbook together!

Dust tough to reach spaces by putting the dryer on a cool setting and aiming at those spots. Forget weird infomercial products for dusting, use your hair dryer for those areas behind the dresser and just a little bit above your head.

De-wrinkle plastic shower curtains or table cloths. This one might be my favorite because I can just picture taking those shower curtains out of the container and not wanting to hang them with those ugly fold marks. If you blow hot air on it they will iron out wrinkles, just be sure to keep the dryer a good distance away.

Use it for that perfect frosting or icing on your cake or cupcakes. It will impress your guests when your cake looks so professional and it is as simple as blowing cool air on it. If you are looking to brighten a dull finish use warmer air.

Erase crayon marks and wax spills from the kids by blowing hot air on the stain until the wax melts. After it melts just simply wipe away with a soapy sponge!

These seem like great solutions, and there are definitely some I have never thought of before. It’s important to remember that for all of the good things your hair dryer can do, your hair tools can also be dangerous, they have been known to start fires in your home or apartment. Before taking on any projects around your home or apartment, big or small, make sure you have MA home insurance or MA renters insurance.  If anything were to happen at your apartment you would be responsible for the damages, and the same goes for your home. Talk to an Encharter Insurance agent today about MA renters insurance, or MA home insurance.


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