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I Hit a School Bus… Now What?

Fall is one of the best times of the year.  The weather gets cooler, the pumpkin spice latte returns, and the kids go back to school.  But that also means dealing with all the school buses and traffic on the road.  If you are pulling out of your drive way, listening to your music, drinking your coffee, and you back right into a school bus… now what?

First, make sure that everyone is okay and that no injuries have been sustained.  Damage to the school bus is most likely minimal or non-existent hit school bus insuranceas they are pretty large and tough. However, your own car have have taken on a bit more damage than the bus.  Collision coverage on your Massachusetts Auto Insurance policy will cover the damage to your car, subject to your deductible.

If there is any damage to the bus, your auto policy will also cover that.  The kids on the bus probably will not be hurt in the accident, but their parents still will most likely have to be notified that something happened.  But what if one of them did get hurt?  Liability coverage on your policy would cover the bodily injury damage to the children on the bus if any of them were harmed.  Having a good auto insurance policy is the best way to make sure that if you get into an accident with a school bus, then you won’t be paying out of pocket for all the costs.

Protecting yourself with an auto insurance policy can be crucial in these types of situations.  However, ensuring everyone is safe before the crash is important as well.  Both the driver and the passengers should always be wearing a seat belt.  Avoid distracted driving.  Eating, doing makeup, texting, and calling can dramatically increase the likelihood of an accident.  Be aware of outside distractions and keep your attention on the road.  It’s also a good idea to leave plenty of time to reach your destination.  School buses are notorious for driving slowly and creating traffic.  They make numerous stops and getting stuck behind a bus can be frustrating.  By leaving early, buses are less likely to cause stress and you are able to drive without rush.

Although unlikely that you will hit a school bus on your way to work, it does happen!  Make sure you are prepared.  You should talk to your agent about how much liability and physical damage coverage would be right for you!  Call us today at 888-865-1244 and our agents can help you review your policy.

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