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Home Gadets to Protect Your Home

Owning a home can come with lots of unexpected surprises. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over 98% of insurance claims are a result of property damage.  But nowadays, we can try to curb some of these incidents before they occur. Here are some handy home gadgets that might be able to make your life a bit more hassle-free!

Smart Plugs

During vacations and other stints away from home, consider a smart club. When you are away, you should try to make it appear as though you never left. This means holding your mail, having someone mow the lawn, and even moving trash and recycling bins. A smart club will turn your home’s lights on and off, making it appear as though you’re still home.

Smart Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm is a necessity in any home. However, it might not be a huge help if you’re out and the alarm goes off. If no one is there to hear it, it could become disastrous. A smart smoke alarm will notify your phone if the alarm is set off. Even if you step out of your home, you have the ability to monitor your alarms from the convenience of your phone.

Security Cameras

Getting a camera to monitor the outside of your home. Not only will it let you check up on who is arriving at your home, but it can also help you check the status of your home after a disaster. There are plenty of options when it comes to a security camera. Though it may be tempting to install a fake camera to deter potential burglars, it is not advisable to do so. Fake cameras create a fake sense of security, and offer no help if something does happen.

Moisture Sensors

Moisture and water damage are huge threats to any homeowner. Fortunately, there are devices now that will monitor the amount of moisture. You place it near your sewer drain or heater and it connects to your home’s wifi. If it detects a leak, then it will alert your phone. This is a great way to address a problem before it gets too big.

Smart Thermometers

A smart thermometer is a great safety gadget investment as well. It will let you program the temperature of your home. Some smart thermometers will also automatically adjust your home temperature while you are away. This can help prevent frozen pipes in the winter and dried out plants in the summer.

Smart Locks

A smart lock is another safety gadget to keep your home a bit safer. Rather than copying keys for visitors, you create a code that they can use to unlock your door. Smart locks will also send a notification to your phone when someone comes and leaves your home.

Taking measures to protect your home before something happens is the best thing to do. Though there may be some upfront cost to installing these gadgets, it’s better than dealing with an incident after it occurs! And if things do go wrong, then that’s when your home insurance come in handy!

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