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How Dogs Can Affect Your Insurance

In some states, owning a dog can affect your homeowners insurance policy. Although you may love your dog, it can sometimes make it harder to get homeowners insurance coverage. There are some insurance companies who may deny you coverage due to your dog’s breed. Certain breeds are deemed “dangerous” and insurance providers will not offer you coverage because of this.


Can Insurance Companies Legally Deny Coverage?

In states like Massachusetts, there is no requirement for an insurance company to give you homeowners insurance if they consider your dog to be a high-risk breed. You can work with an insurance agent to help you get homeowners insurance coverage if you are having trouble by yourself.


How Can I Show That My Dog Is Not a Threat?

There are some steps you can take to demonstrate that your dog is not a threat. You can show this to your insurance agent or potential insurance company.

  • Show that your dog has successfully completed obedience training with a certificate of completion. If your dog has not undergone such training, it could be worth considering.
  • Obtain vaccination records for your dog to show that they have received all their necessary vaccinations. You should also have records if your dog has been spayed or neutered.


What If My Dog Has Bit Someone?

If your dog has ever caused injury to another person, make sure to disclose it to your insurance company. While it may not be something that you want to share, it’s important that the insurance company knows. You should also provide them the steps you took after the incident to prevent a repeat occurrence.


What If I’m Planning to Adopt a Dog?

Getting a dog is an exciting addition to any family. If you are adopting a dog, be sure to let your insurance company know. Dogs can be a liability and it might affect your coverage. Before you adopt, talk to your insurance agent to see how a dog might impact your current coverage. You should also consider how certain breeds might not be covered by your insurance company.


What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover If My Dog Causes Damage?

Depending on what state you are in, the coverage may differ slightly. But typically, if your dog bites someone, then it would be a personal liability claim. The average dog insurance claim is expensive – an average of $30,000! If the person your dog bites sues you, you could be facing some legal fees, which is why having insurance is important. The person who was bit may also have some medical fees as well. Your homeowners insurance can also help cover damage that your dog causes to another person’s property. To learn more about dog liabilities and your insurance, click here.


It’s always best to talk with your insurance agent to make sure that you, and your furry friend, are covered. There are some insurance companies that are not fond of certain dog breeds, but there are other insurers that may cover you regardless. If you have a dog, it’s important to double check your coverage, just in case something happens.


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