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How To Prepare for a Camping Trip!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. Camping trips are a fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Camping is a time to forget about the gripes of the day to day, so make sure that you are prepared for inconveniences along the way. With a bit of prep, those minor inconveniences hopefully won’t impede your trip.

Safety First!

The most important thing on any camping trip is safety. First, be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you will be there. If needed, they can check up on you during your trip. You should also have a first aid kit ready in the event of an injury or other emergency.

Prepare Food and Water

You definitely do not want to be caught without safe food or water to consume. Prepare ahead of your trip and plan your sustenance accordingly. When bringing food, make sure to store them securely and mind food safety protocols.

Animal Safety

Keep a safe distance from wild animals. They can sometimes carry diseases that can harm people. If you have food with you, make sure its stored away and out of reach from animals. If you have pets, be sure that your pets are also kept at a distance.

Bug Bites

Bug bites are a nuisance. However, in some situations they can cause diseases. When you are out in nature, apply bug repellant with DEET on the exposed areas of your skin. It’s best to cover up your skin as much as possible to deter bug bites or stings. Be on the lookout for ticks! Some of them carry Lyme Disease.

Boat Insurance

If you are planning on being on a boat during your trip, take precaution there as well. Boats are fun, but they can also be a danger and liability if you are not careful. One way to help protect you, your friends, and others on the water is by having boat insurance.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover

Boat insurance policies and coverage can vary. But if you are out on the water during your trip, having insurance is a good idea. It can help with:

  • Liability coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage

You can learn more about boat insurance here!

RV Insurance

Recreational vehicle (RV) insurance is a great way to help protect your vehicle. Similar to auto insurance, this policy is designed to help protect your RV in the event of an accident or damage. Depending on the type of vehicle you have and your insurance company, you may be able to add your RV on as an additional vehicle to your existing auto insurance. However, sometimes you might be required to get a separate RV Insurance policy.

What does RV Insurance help cover?

Each policy is different, but often RV insurance can help cover things like:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Property Damage
  • Physical Damage to the RV

Check out additional information about RV insurance coverage here!


A campfire is a classic camping activity. Roasting marshmallows and making smores is a tasty way to end the day. When building a campfire, recognize the dangers that accompany it. If done incorrectly a small campfire can turn into a major wildfire. Always have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher on hand. Supervise children and pets when around the fire. You can never be too safe around a fire.

Camping trips are where lifetime memories are made. Knowing how to stay safe while having fun is important. Brush up on camping safety before you go. Being prepared and planning ahead can go a long way. And if you have any questions or concerns regarding insurance-related matters, ask one of our agents! They’re there to help you!

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