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How to Storm-Proof Your House

Hurricanes and summer storms can be devastating. Though there is often little you can do in the eye of the storm, storm-proofing your home can still help in some situations. Even if your home is on the outskirts of a storm, your home can take a serious beating. Prepping your home for the worst can help minimize potential damage.

Strong Doors and Windows

By installing hurricane-grade windows and doors, it can help prevent debris from entering or damaging your home. Hurricanes can whip debris around quickly and it can make some serious impact. If these materials are out of your budget, look for alternatives like storm shutters. Storm shutters are often cheaper but can still provide additional protection in storm scenarios.

Garage Doors

Your garage door could be a weak point against storms. If your garage door blows off in a storm, it can result some pretty gnarly damage to the rest of your home. Consumer reports suggests getting a windowless garage door that is less than 9 feet across. It should also be able to withstand more than 50 psi. Having a single garage door is more likely to withstand a storm than a double door. However, if you already have garage doors then you may be able to do more reinforcing to make them stronger.

Reinforce the Roof

In hurricane situations, pressure and wins can create uplift and rip roofs off of homes. The best option is to design your house with this in mind and place in the necessary reinforcement to prevent uplift from becoming catastrophic.


In your yard, make sure to landscape to prevent additional damage. Prune trees that may need it. Remove dead branches and other yard hazards before a storm hits. If you have patio furniture or other things in the yard, remove those as well. When a storm rolls through, those pieces of furniture can become projectiles and fly away.

Check Water Flow

During a storm, you want to make sure that water is flowing away from your house properly. Clean out gutters, pumps, pipes, etc. If anything is in need or repair or maintenance, it’s a good idea to take care of that sooner rather than later. Otherwise that water might end up leaking into your home and creating bigger problems.


Unfortunately, storms often knock out power to your home. To help prepare, get a backup generator. Attach some necessary items to the generator, including a sump pump if you have one. When running a generator, make sure it’s outside. Running generators inside can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide, which could become deadly!

Flood Insurance

Your homeowners insurance will not help cover damages associated with flooding. To help protect against flooding, you will need a separate flood insurance policy. Flood insurance can help cover damage to both your belongings and your home’s structure. Talk to your insurance agent about ways to help protect your home with insurance! They can help you figure out the coverage that best suits your needs.

Have a Hurricane Emergency Plan

Make sure your family is ready for a hurricane. Getting prepared for disasters can help keep everyone safe if the real thing hits. Here are some additional ways to prepare for a hurricane or big storm.


When the summer storms roll through, feel confident that you are prepared. Taking a few steps to help reinforce your home’s safety can make a difference in times of peril.


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